Final eJournal for EDS 113

Wow! After our 10-week journey with EDS 113, I am finally writing my last eJournal entry for this course. Time really flies so fast and I can’t help but feel so emotional whenever I look back the times that I was still adjusting school life in the distance education environment and up until this day that I am ending my last term with PTC (hopefully!). It felt surreal and I am having an attachment problem leaving UPOU.

I have to say that this class has taught me so many things about assessment. When I decided to work solo in our Assignment 1 for this class, it actually thought that I already have the necessary knowledge to apply what I have learned in this course. But then, when when Assignment 2 came, the choice to work solo or be in a group just gave me a again another option on whether or not, I wanted to learn with other people or just choose to work alone and be contented with the work that I might be contributing in our next assignment. Thanked God that I choose to work in group for the task on designing a non-traditional assessment is such a challenging to do that I don’t think I won’t be able to deliver the right output without the brainstorming activities that my group mate and I had exhausted before and after the task. That is why, I will take this opportunity to thanked my fellow Ice ChocoPie groupie, Ms. Ruschel Co and Ms. Nikko Palmario for their collaborative effort in making this task enjoyable and memorable at the same time. I had fun working with both of you and good luck to our future endeavors in life! 🙂

In all honesty, I took up this course on assessment because in an interview that I have undergone, the principal of the school that I have applied in Cavite asked me about the different types of assessing students. I was actually not prepared when that question was asked but I just assured the principal that I am currently taking up a course about assessment and I think that I can properly answer that question after I finish the course by the end of March. I actually got the job as teacher for their summer class in April and I just hope that I will be able to apply the knowledge that I have acquired in this course. I just had this realization why the principal asked me about assessment and I know that it’s not only about giving test, oral or written exams or the informal ones like games or debates whenever the teacher feel the need to give so but it should be done accordingly and continuously just like the concept that I have learned on PDCA (Plan_Do-Act-Check) and the importance of giving constructive, descriptive and timely feedback to students. I have to say that in designing effective assessments, there are three things that teachers have to keep in mind like the learning objectives and the assessment methods and learning outcomes should be aligned with each other to fully achieve the goal of the lesson. I just want to add that I was also glad that identifying learning objectives of the lesson, teachers also need to incorporate the Bloom’s Taxonomy level of thinking ( Remember, Understand, Apply, Analyze, Evaluate and Create) in the TOS or Table of Specification. This is just one of the important lesson that gave me confidence in making test in the future and will help me ensure that the students higher order thinking skills is truly targeted at the end of the lesson. I’m just glad that we have learned about this as this significantly change my views in giving assessments in the future. Also, the idea of self and peer assessment fascinates me as this allows the students to assess themselves and their fellow group mates to enhance further their learning experience. But most of all, there should also a balance in using the types of assessment (Formal and Informal) to fully develop the over-all potential of our students when it comes to learning and skills enhancement as this are both useful in the real world or by the time they enter the the world after school.

I am really impressed of what I have learned in EDS 113. The learning’s and lessons during our discussion just gave me enough idea on what I should be expecting in the real classroom set-up. I know I still have a long journey to take but I am reminding myself always to practice what I have learned in this course. To all educator and other staff members who made this experience possible, I will always be grateful for the opportunity that was given to be part of this programs. It is really hard to say goodbye at the end of every term but I am really thankful especially to Teacher Malou who is very helpful and would constantly remind us to finish, do the task no what happens and just enjoy learning. Thank you again Ma’m, and know that I will persevere more to apply what I have learned. I hope to meet you in person to personally thank you for a wonderful and lasting experience that I had in UPOU. Surely, the future of our students will be rich, kind and rewarding for all of your advises. :).



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