Working together for success!

download (1)The last assignment for EDS 103! Thanked God for the strength that He has bestowed upon me just to get through this assignment. Indeed, another learning experience for me to work in a group of people with whom despite of work and busy schedule, were able to accomplish the task that was given to us. The journey with my fellow group mates in a distance learning environment will always be cherished and remembered.

The task that was given for our assignment, two weeks before the deadline wasn’t easy. We were told to do an classroom observation or interview based on the learning theory that we have chosen. It definitely requires much needed time to observe a class and check at the same one particular theory that might be present in the scenario. In my case, Social Learning was given to me. Of course, since we have already have tackled this concept  in the previous months, I was just happy to review and re-read all the concepts under this theory. However, the biggest challenge  would be looking for related concepts that might apply in the video class that I have observe. Just imagine my relief when I have  found that there are indeed so many social learning concepts that is evident in the video most especially in the concept called observational learning by Albert Bandura.

Indeed, this assignment brought a lot of realization, understanding and experience on my part. It gave me opportunity to know other people in our group and how they are as fellow group mates. It deepens more my understanding and appreciate the collaborative work with my fellow group mates. Also, acting like we are somewhat an “investigator” made me enjoy doing this despite the required engagement of this assignment. Hopefully, I am praying that we will able to achieve the required output of this activity since we all have done our part in finishing this task. Thus, as stated by Helen Keller that “alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”.

I am glad that as my first semester for EDS 103 is about to end, I am beginning to fully grasp all that must be achieved in the learning objective of this course. I am starting to really understand why there is a need to study and learn all the theories in learning. It is for the purpose of applying and understanding all underlying principles in the theories that we have learned so far. In all honesty, I felt that there is so much for me to know. That is why I constantly remind myself to read whenever the opportunity allows me to do it. I know my fellow learner are doing the same. If I really wanted to survive this course, I must be that person who is responsible and has the commitment to learn. I am trying yet I must admit that I am not yet giving my best so far. Hopefully, this assignment will always remind me what my focus is and goal why I took this course.


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