The Importance of Cognitive theory

cltI was reading  all the concepts to Cognitive theory and find myself asking myself this question, “how I am able to apply this theory inside the classroom?”. Based on the readings provided that was given to us, Cognitive Learning theory explains why the brain is the most incredible network of information processing and interpretation  in the body as we learn things. To simplify this, this would also mean that the cognitive, all thoughts, process is dependent on perception which is determined  by environment stimuli., expectations and thoughts. This could also mean that we learn using the brain.

If I can recall it clearly, I believe this topic was discussed to us during my college days. The importance  of Cognitive theory and how it supports the view that learning is best achieved by presenting the whole skill to the learner in the context of a real situation to get to the solution. Our professor in Psychology once said to us with regards to this topic that the learner will use intelligence, current knowledge, and previous experience to plan a solution and to help understanding. That the learner will be using all these intervening factors to help them in problem solving and insight learning. Going back to my first question, I believe with this words coming from our professor, I now have an idea on how to address the issue on applying this theory in school.

While I was going through the module under cognitive learning, there was this one particular topic that caught my attention. Actually, there are a lot of them but this one is kind of special as I believe this knowledge is always part of our everyday life and yet we are unaware of its existence most especially in listening to lectures. The topic that I am talking about is the primacy-recency effect. According to primacy-recency effect, we can best remember information that comes first and remember the second best that comes last and we tend to remember least the things that comes the middle of the list. I was wondering, how am I in this level when I am listening to lectures. As much as possible, I make sure that at all times I listen to everything that my teacher would tell us during discussions. But since it was mentioned in the readings that there are down-times and this occur at the middle part of the lecture, then I felt the urge to examine myself in this area. And I really do agree on what has been stated in this primacy-recency effect. And yes, I am planning to incorporate this concept when I become a full-pledged teacher.

In addition, there was also this this procedural and declarative knowledge that I find very useful in teaching. Having an understanding on what the concept is all about is known to be the declarative and the knowledge on how to do it is considered to be the procedural knowledge. Having known this basic concept made me appreciate more the cognitive theory.

Overall, learning what cognitive theory and the concepts behind it made me think again on how am I really learning as an individual. At the start of this course, different theories has already been tackled and I learned so much out of those theories.  For me, this theory focuses more on the cognitive aspects of our brain and how it interprets different kinds of data presented to him. It has strengths and weaknesses/issues as a theory but I believe that it has served its purpose and that without this theory, I don’t think concepts like memory , perceptions, and thinking, the primacy-recency effect will be ever conceived and be expanded as an idea. And so I think it is also important to know this theory.



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