On Managing Distance Education

Who would have thought that this year I will be enrolling myself in a distance learning environment. It started only with an idea in my head but it is just so overwhelming to know that I am really actually enrolled right now and doing all the assigned readings and discussion via an electronic means. At first, all I know is everything is going to be okay as long as I have that determination to finish all this course requirement on time. Yes, good thing that this so-called self-efficacy of mine or the belief that I can succeed no matter what happens is indeed very convincing at this moment.

At the start of this semester, my views on distance learning has radically change. Yes, it is less expensive  and is not constrained in a geographic sense and most importantly students with scheduling problems or employees can benefit most because it offers  flexible time to study. However, I came to realized one factor that is very crucial indeed in distance learning and that is the agreed time to meet deadlines for you really have to consider that you have classmates who lives outside the country and has a different time frame than yours. This can be really so frustrating at times for in my own experience this can affect motivation and can change your mood/emotions or can lower your own self-efficacy which is what I am trying to go away with. Good thing that in this course, we have studied about Reciprocal Determinism which is according to Albert Bandura is a factor that affect learning through the social interaction that involves the person, environment and the behavior. That is why to easily adapt or adjust myself in this kind of environment, I will be using this reciprocal determinism to truly understand my situation and to come up with solutions about my dilemma on meeting deadlines.

I am having a problem of meeting deadlines for I am somehow dependent on the amount of self-efficacy that is under my veins at that particular moment (personal and cognitive component) in a distance learning set-up (environment). In most cases, this has been my attitude (the behavior) that somehow would lead me to procrastinate first before doing the assigned tasks. To fully address the said issue and make use of the time before the deadlines, I found out that sending messages to classmates and updating them on what needs to be done somehow increases the level of self-efficacy on my part. This prompt me to do better and motivated me to give my best in this kind of set-up knowing that I am not alone in this scenario and we are in the same boat if truest sense of it.

Learning on how to manage my distance education at UPOU is indeed a quite challenging task. You will definitely experience a lot of difficulties along the way but as Iskolar ng Bayan who is committed herself to the betterment of this country, I will just have to persevere more to look for alternatives and never allow this problem to hinder me in growing and learning as  a future teacher of this country!

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