An ounce of intelligence

It is not “what you know”, but “whom you know”?

We often hear this saying from people who seemed to be distrustful of the kind of system that we have in the country. But do you think this statement is true enough? I myself suddenly asking this question upon reading an article on IQ test. In the said study conducted by Melita Oden, a researcher who continued Terman’s study on gifted child found out that it isn’t entirely about intelligence that plays an important part in determining success, it is rather the personality traits (goal orientation, self-confidence and perseverance) which is most likely that will make someone be successful in life. And so, I cannot help but wonder about this question. Does this mean that intelligence is no longer being valued much for later on in life, factors like being “like” or having a pleasant personality seemed to be the new norm nowadays and being intelligent is no longer cool. Honestly, I am totally bothered by this! Basing in my own experience, I think there must be “truth” in this statement.

All my life when I started schooling from kinder to college, I am always reminded by people around to value education and experiences for this will serve as my ammunition when I will be asking for employment in the future. The issue about enhancing one’s own intelligence over having personal “connections” poses a big question for me. It seemed that reality is telling me that I cannot do about that and it will remain forever. That I should give up and just leave it like that way. But I am happy to say that as an advocate of change and fair treatment for everybody, this system will soon be gone ASAP. Yes, and that is because under  the Federal law of government and new administration (Digong’s  change is coming movement), this rubbish system will be scrape off in the current administration.

As a future educator of this country, I don’t want to be eaten up by the system. As an informed and intelligent human being that we should all be, it will not be helpful on my part to follow what seemed to be the trend nowadays. I have come to a point after reading all the materials on intelligence that I cannot allow people to make me believe in their so-called reality. We have already evolve as human beings and we know what we have become today, we all owe this to our ancestors who took the time and effort to make our lives comfortable and meaningful. As I enter the portal of school set-up in the coming years, may I always be reminded everyday that what I have acquire in school and experience will be use as an inspiration, to challenge the youth to make use of their intelligence for we know that we are here in this world to make a change/impact to people in positive way and not here to discourage them in reaching their dreams.

Let me end this blog by a quote of Albert Einstein that says:

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change





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  1. Hi Kristine,
    Indeed, intelligence is not what we know, but how we apply what we know to give a positive outlook.
    We are all unique individuals, we may not be genius like the others, but there is always something in someone that is worth more than what we have. Many people say that I look young or “cute” for my age but that doesn’t make me any better than them. We all have our own qualities that make us unique from everyone, but let us not use that quality to turn someone down. If we are intelligent we should be humble and use intelligence in to good cause.


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