Learning as a Passion

We all have our expectation before in becoming an online learner. For some, online learning is the most exciting way of learning for all you just have to need is a laptop and internet connection and presto and one can become an online learner.  I must say, that this was my initial idea before but as the saying goes that perceptions will truly be altered as soon you are in that situation. Now, that I have tasted finally the online learning set-up, I just want to say that online learning is indeed the most challenging  classroom set-up and requires a lot of attention from the learner. Of course, there will be pros and cons but I won’t be focusing on them as of now.

It was this week that we finally started to read a lot of reading materials and post our own insights/answers to our Prof’s queries. This week, the topic focuses more on learning  which is according to Schunk’s definition , learning has three criteria involved: CHANGE, ENDURES OVERTIME, and EXPERIENCE. As a future teacher, I realized that we all go through this phase of learning. We  sometimes change our perspective/idea upon knowing that such idea is no longer correct and this new learning acquired is now being challenge  if it is really indeed the absolute truth or not. And most of the time, we gain such insights of learning through experience that made us conclude that “maybe I should change the way I see or view things, etc.” . There are also times we experience unlearning moments like those times when we discover that some ideas that we used to believe which we consider as “true” are no longer the real “truth” due to people’s misconceptions that made us question such belief.

At this moment, a lot of learning experience take place as this new ideas are revealed to me through my online schooling. And having realized this made me want to become a teacher who is passionate in what she does in school for learning isn’t just about teaching, it is more of relearning (learning again) and is open to unlearning his/her previous ideas in the past. I believe too that a teacher must be keen to observing things around her for that is one way that she can also learn. She must also be ready to take part of the change to really touch the lives of his future students. Above all, a teacher who knows how to overcome any obstacles that hinders her to learn something new everyday.

I know I have learned something new at the start of semester and I am glad that it started about “learning”.  As we get old, we notice that people are becoming lazy to learn something new in their lives. There are even some who consider that being a teacher is the less valued profession in the world. I know, we all have our own opinions and we each respect one of them but my stand on this is very simple, if one is not sincere and ready for the “stress” in learning all of this, then one cannot really be a teacher. One cannot just belittle any profession in the world especially that of a teacher. A teacher who inspires others to learn and discover things and influence peoples lives.  A teacher whose job requires deep understanding of subject matters and reflection.  I am inspired to end this post of a quote by  Christa McAuliff that says ” I touch the future, I teach.”