Beyond Learning

The roots of education is bitter but the fruit is sweet.—Aristotle

Let me start my first entry of my blog about a famous quote by Aristotle wherein he said, “The roots of education is bitter but the fruit is sweet.” Clearly, Aristotle knows the true value of education. This quote is just a simple reminder for me and for everybody that education takes a lot of perseverance and sweat if I may add to finish one. But we know that the end-result of our journey in achieving education is always SUCCESS! That is why taking up a course in EDS 103 which is about theories of teaching is just one of the many struggles that one must encounter for we know that at the end of this, a sweet success is awaiting and that is our Professional Teaching Certification!

The above saying automatically transported me back during my college years. It was those times that my parents are really struggling just to let me finish college. I ended up working while studying just to really help my family with regards to expenses in college. It’s like life really tested me but I was so lucky that through the guidance of my classmates and professor’s, I was able to attain my goal and that is my college diploma! Looking back, I can’t help feel somehow emotional whenever I would thought about it. Everything was all worth it!

At the moment, I just hope that I will have a strong focus in my chosen career. I know it will not be easy for I expect to experience different kinds of struggles in taking up this journey. I am all ready for this! I seek guidance and prayers from our creator above to sustain my understanding. I just offer the learnings that I will be receiving to my future students someday. As what Aristotle has said, the fruit of our labor on education will always be sweet!

Have a sweet learnings everyone!



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